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J Cameron Cooper wrote:

The file doc/framework_overview.stx talks of "decorator plugins".
However, I can find no such thing in the code.

It does, however, search for properties plugins and add property sheets
to the user based on those (if they have data).

Am I to assume that decorators are simply old terminology for property

It is a somewhat ill-chosen term for the plugins which are allowed /
expected to "scribble" on the newly-fabricated PropertiedUser:  that set
includes the properties plugins, the group plugins, and the role plugins.

The name conveys a slightly off-kilter connotation, becuase it clashes
with the GoF Decorator pattern:  in this case, the plugins decorate the
user object, rather than wrapping around another component, providing
the same interface but extending it (which is the pattern's intent).

I'll buy the use of "decorators" as a conceptual term; it's very appropriate to how PAS constructs user objects. But the use in the doc/framework_overview.stx file isn't quite right, both in the "Plugin Types" section and in the section with code. (There's no such thing as a 'listDecoratorPlugins' method.)

It would be more appropriate to say: Property manager plugins are used to decorate users with property sheets... Group plugins are used to decorate users with groups. etc.



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