Tres Seaver wrote:
> While tidying in the PAS SVN repository, I've noted a couple of things:
>   - The release tag names, translated from CVS tags, didn't fit the
>     current SVN usage pattern, which is to use only the "release number"
>     (without the product name prefix).  I copied new tags under the
>     new pattern, and will delete the old ones if nobody objects
>     (sandboxes and checkout scripts will need to be adjusted).
>   - The 1.1 release has lost its momentum, while a bunch of work which
>     is really not "beta phase" stuff has been done on the trunk.  I
>     would like to propose that we abandon the 1.1 release line and begin
>     preparation for a 1.2 release cycle.  I made a branch for the 1.1
>     release line, in case we need to go ahead and do a release from it,
>     but don't see any benefit at this point.
> Note that I have also begun an effort to make PAS and PluginRegistry
> play nice with the GenericSetup framework for exporting / importing site
> configuration.  I have landed that work for the PluginRegistry:  you can
> now actually edit the registry settings as a single XML file via DAV,
> FTP, or ExternalEditor.
> I hope to get the "standard" plugins exportable / importable shortly, so
> that you will be able to "snapshot" your PAS configuration (e.g., to
> check it into CVS, or to migrate it to another machine).  Such on-disk
> profiles should make installing a pre-configured PAS much easier:  just
> tweak the PAS in a sandbox until it does what you want, then export it
> to disk, and register the exported directory as a GenericSetup profile.
>  Most of what PlonePAS does currently would fall into this category,
> with the exception of the GRUF-migration code (I think).

As well, I noticed couple of branches within the PAS branches
sub-directory. Are all these branches currently relevant ?

I started to implement a set of plugins for CPSDirectory with the goal
of having PAS, hopefully, as the default UserFolder for the next release
of CPS (3.4.0).

Are there known problems / issues with PAS at this point that would need
to be addressed apart for the setup and configuration points you
mentioned Tres ?

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