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On Mon, Nov 14, 2005 at 11:12:31AM +0800, Tom Hallam wrote:
| I infer from the above that the replacement of both user folders is a | design decision. The implication of this is that if you have multiple | sites on the same Zope install all instances have to be PAS regardless | of what your actual authentication needs are :-( . I should be able to | keep a simple acl_users folder in the zope root if I'm happy with | limitations given above. The install program should not force this.

Not sure what to say. Your requirement is weird to say the
least. We've decided for the path of less confusion.

99% of the Plone (or 'CookieCrumbler', as this affects any user of
cookie-based authentication) users would expect to be able to log in
with a user from a user folder in the root, which *is*
backwards-compatible behavior. What you want is not
backwards-compatible behaviour IMHO, so my opinion is that you will
have to fix that yourself if you want that policy to be supported.

err... that requirement is not at all wierd, and I am not sure that you are talking about different things...

Does this mean, that in any Zope ZODB where I have such a Plone instance, the Plone instance imposes it's acl_users on the ROOT of the Zope install? Or is it that if I use PAS, *all* user folders at any level in the ZODB have to be PAS in that particular ZODB, regardless of at which level I use a PAS acl_users?

I feel that I am not grokking something here, so I'd be very gratefull if someone coudll clarify this...

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