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| Sidnei,
| How do you envision the CPC being used in practice?

Just like described in plugins/tests/ChallengeProtocolChooser.txt

| Who calls the 'registerRequestType' function for instance, setting
| up the mapping between a "request type label" and the corresponding
| interface?

See the bottom of the ChallengeProtocolChooser.py module.

| And who sets up the registry of predicates for the RequestSniffer?

See the bottom of the RequestTypeSniffer.py module.

| I'm working on making GenericSetup export / import handlers for the
| stock plugins, and both of those have state which is in the global
| registry, rather than being stored persistently, which makes them hard
| to map onto a GS profile.

Yes, they are on a global registry because they are global. The notion
of a request type and detecting what kind a incoming request maps to
is a global operation.

| Do you envision populating those registries via ZCML?


FWIW, I don't expect more request types and predicates to exist other
than those that are registered already. Well, maybe a SFTPRequest, or
something like that when we change to Twisted perhaps.

Sidnei da Silva
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