Hi Tres,

thanks for the reply (and sorry for the repost of the original message -- I 
thought it had no reached the mailing list the first time
when indeed it did)

>> Rootfolder (with standard userfolder acl_users in it)
>> |
>> +--test (with PAS userfolder acl_users in it)
>> |
>> +---subfolder
>> index_html (a Python Script)
>where is 'index_html' located? Is it in the ZODB root?

No, my ASCII graphics got messed up: index_html is in 'subfolder' --
that is where I have my problems -- both in toplevel and in test
everything works fine.

> One thing to try: enable VerboseSecurity ('verbose-security on'
> in your zope.conf file),

I'll try that tomorrow when I am back at work -- thanks for the hint.


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