Previously Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
> Zope user folders don't manage roles, containers do. Or basically any  
> RoleManager (see AccessControl/ if I remember correctly).

I am having some difficulty in understanding the logic here, or possibly
I am too tainted by my use of Plone.

My current understanding of roles is this:

- there are two different types of roles: roles and local roles. Both
  are managed through RoleManager and seem to do pretty much the same
  thing there, but there are different methods to retrieve one or the
  other. OFS.Folder inherig RoleManager and has both roles and local
  roles, which makes me think the term 'local' is possible a misnomer
  and should be something else, but I don't quite get what.

- PAS has role interfaces which allow one to manage (global) roles for
  principals and get a list of roles. 
- PlonePAS adds the same for local roles

Currently adding roles through a RoleManager breaks ZODBRoleManager:
it reads a list of all roles when it created and assumes they do not
change after that. If you add a new role you can do that through
a RoleManager directly, but ZODBRoleManager will not notice and will not
enumerate it.

Can someone enlighten me as to how roles and local roles really differ,
and why every folder has both?


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