On 1 Mar 2006, at 21:50, Tino Wildenhain wrote:

Jens Vagelpohl schrieb:
Zac has asked to step back a bit as the contact for the project and I
told him I could take over that part. That includes things like release

One of the items that had been on my list for a while was to move both the download area as well as the collector out of Zac's member folder
on zope.org into the "well-known" areas, underneath / Collectors and
/Products, respectively.

+1 on that. This eases development a lot.

PAS, PluginRegistry and the PAS collector have now moved:




I continue to be foiled by %$£@ zope.org in that many items are private after pasting. I have repaired the worst of of, but catalog searches are still not revealing anything useful for PluggableAuthService. I am hoping this is a caching issue.


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