I'm quite new with Plone and specially with PAS. I'm trying to develop a Plugin that will allow to log in through Shibboleth. I had a look at the work done by Samyn Brecht (thanks to him !), but I also wanted the user to be created on Plone itself, allowing for instance the user to modify his 'user preferences'. I also wanted to be able to use the plugin to make a complete login by visiting a dedicated URL, just in case all the URLs wouldn't give Shibboleth informations (meaning authenticate would be possible only under this dedicated URL).

It works more or less already, but I realized that users don't appear on the member list. I remarked that this is due to the fact that their last login time is never updated. And this makes me realize that even if my code seems to work, I'm really not sure how all those plugins work together... and what I wrote is probably not how it should be written with PAS.

So my question: is there documentation anywhere with guidelines to develop a PAS Plugin ? For instance, I'd like to know the order in which the interface methods are called, where do the parameters come from, which ones are passed to other methods when a method returns something, etc. Any chance to find this somewhere ?

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