On Jun 22, 2006, at 3:25 AM, Janko Hauser wrote:

Hello, I'm trying to setup a domain based authentication. The situation is, that there is already a cookie-based authentication. Additionally we want to enable a direct login for some specific domains. Is this at all possible? I added a Domain Auth Plugin and activated it as the authentication plugin. Then I changed the order for this interface, so that "Domain Auth" is on top. But a request from such a domain get's an unauthorized and is redirected to the normal login page.

Is there something more needed? I tried with the exact IP and with an endswith match for the domain name.

What do I miss?

(It's been a long time since the DomainAuthHelper was created, forgive me if I'm slow)

Are you using mod_rewrite by any chance? You may need to turn on X- Forwarded-For (I forget the exact header), since in the default case, REMOTE_HOST is usually the Apache instance in such a setup.


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