Previously Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
> What we get from the plugin registration isn't the structure expected  
> as a return value from all_meta_types. The plugin registration only  
> gives us a sequence of meta_type strings.  So in effect we are not  
> filtering, we're simply converting to a suitable data structure that  
> is found in Products.meta_types, and those are then returned.

Right, I saw that a bit later.

> I haven't worked with products that are standard Python packages, but  
> even if you cannot find them in Products.meta_types (why not I  
> wonder? Is this a bug in the mechanism that enables Python package  
> products?) I am assuming there has to be some place where you could  
> look up their product information programmatically. all_meta_types  
> could be extended to look in more than one place for this product  
> information.

After doing a bit of hunting around it turns out there is a bit of Zope
magic involved: during Zope startup initialize() is called for all
products and the output of that is used to do things like fill
Products.meta_types. Since I forgot to add a five:registerPackage in my
configure.zcml that was never called, hence the problem.


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