I have a Plone 2.5 with Zope 2.9 on a windows Server.
I need to match windows domain users with plone users and login with that
information with a single sign on.

I don't want to import groups, files, directories or properties from my domain
users, I need only to authenticate a user against the domain user.

It's not important If I need to change the plone usernames to reflect the
windows ones, it's not important if I have to add a plone user every windows
user and match in a table the corrispondence of this couple.

I'm not using apache.

I've found this howto:
but I think it's old and it's not focused on plonepas on plone 2.5.
I've understood I need to catch NTLM authentication, but I don't
understand how can I do that. for me it's enough to get the ntml user
and associate it to a plone user, nothing more.

How can I do that? Is there any updated howto?

I really need this, please help me...

Alessandro Ronchi
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