Hello everyone and thanks for your help!

I am doing a plugin for PAS and put on that plugin two methods:

authenticatedCredentials and extractCredentials

First works ok, but extract don´t work, it is its code:

creds = {}
       login = request.get('__ac_name', '')

       if login:
           # Look in the request for the names coming from the login form
           login = request.get('__ac_name', '')
           password = request.get('__ac_password', '')

           if login:
               creds['login'] = login
               creds['password'] = password

       if creds:
           creds['remote_host'] = request.get('REMOTE_HOST', '')

               creds['remote_address'] = request.getClientAddr()
           except AttributeError:
               creds['remote_address'] = request.get('REMOTE_ADDR', '')

       return creds

it looks as if it working because it put welcome user, but when I
press "Continue to the portal" and I go to start page,the user of the
portal isn´t already validate.
What can i do???Thanks
I want to sustitute credentials_cookie_auth and credentials_basic_auth
for my plugin.Thanks again
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