Mark Hammond wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> I want to write a PAS Plugin that does only the authentication.
>> it should do the authentication and then store it in a
>> session for a coupple of hours.
>> Now I am unsure which services I have to implement.
>> IAuthenticationPlugin ??
>> IExtractionPlugin  ??
> Without more information, it's unclear what you will need.  Assuming you
> want to reuse either HTTP basic or cookie authentication for the mechanics
> of getting a username/password pair, you can enable the standard PAS plugins
> for IChallengePlugin and IExtractionPlugin.  You should then only need to
> implement IAuthenticationPlugin - and the main job there is for you to
> validate the credentials, then return a dict with the username you
> extracted.  You will also need to have a user manager - the "ZODB User
> Manager" might be OK.  I'd recommend the approach of setting PAS up with
> everything working as you want except for the actual authentication you want
> to perform.  You should then replace the interfaces from that set until
> everything you need is done :)
> This is mainly from memory, but I hope it helps...
> Mark
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thank you very mutch to all the answer I got.
This is what I need:

 on an intranet I want to have all users in a plone "user_source".
the authentication itself should be against a bunch of
after the authemtication I just want the user to be authorized without
the need to re authenticate during business hours.

thanks  again

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