I found the SQLPASPlugin on the Plone site or the collective - not sure which.

I pretty much rewrote it to get it to do what I wanted. I got no help from this list or anywhere else. PlonePAS provides a PropertyProvider set of interfaces for setting/getting properties from an external source.

There is something strange in the install process. When I install my product and create an acl_users in my Plone site, it seems to also add it to the root acl_users which I don't like at all.

Since I had trouble getting acquisition to work, I created a zsql method in source_users and directly addressed it.

Hope all this helps...

Jim Myers

Chris Withers wrote:
i James,

James J Myers wrote:
I've written a PlonePAS plugin loosely based on SQLPASPlugin for authentication.

I'm going to be needing this functionality myself sometime soon.

Where did you find the SQL plugin? What's the official way of getting users with extra properties from a relational back end? What bastardisations has Plone added that need to be supported?

The code creates a zsql method in source_users which I can verify via the ZMI that it is there.

Why do you need to create the zsql method using code?

When the authenticate credentials plugin is called it appears to always be in the source_users folder,

What do you mean by that?

Why would be it fail sometimes and not others? How do I make it work reliably?

2007-04-07T18:02:10 INFO RACPASPlugin Traceback (most recent call last):
authenticateCredentials: getUserInfo: File "/usr/local/zope/instance1/Products/RACPASPlugin/plugins/usermanager.py", line 104, in authenticateCredentials
   res = self.getUserInfo(login)
authenticateCredentials: getUserInfo: File "/usr/local/zope/instance1/Products/RACPASPlugin/plugins/usermanager.py", line 253, in getUserInfo
   query = getattr(self, _UserQueryId)
authenticateCredentials: getUserInfo: AttributeError: RACPAS_getUserInfo

I wonder if a differing set of acquisiton contexts are involved somewhere along the line?



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