J Cameron Cooper wrote:
Miles wrote:

Has anyone used PAS to authenticate and get properties from a web service? We have a requirement for this in a project, but given the current general state of SOAP support in python, I'm not very clear on what the best solution might be on this.

If anyone has any experience/advice that they're willing to share, I'd be very grateful.

Well, if by "web services" you mean SOAP, then I don't know. But the GMailAuthPlugin (which is really just a demonstrator), the Salesforce connector, the OpenID plugin, and the LibertyAuthPlugin could be called using web services. Maybe the CAS plugin counts.

Yes, I did mean SOAP as that seems to be the only way this specific service is exposed. I wasn't aware of those plugins so will take a look. The salesforce plugin looks quite useful, from a cursory glance.



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