Hi there,

we support a plone-based intranet that authenticates against an

As long as a user is logged into the plone-site this works fine.
However, the patches for LDAPMultiplugins that are needed for plone make
the installation of a  LDAPMultiplugins  into Zopes's root acl_users
problematic (or impossible). We can therefore not authenticate the zope
admins against ldap.

The problem we face is that navigation in the zmi becomes abysmally slow
as soon as a user that did not authenicate against plones acl_user
enters a plone site (it can take a couple of minutes to render the
content of a root folder).

its seems that for every access of a "protected" object the AD is
consulted first. only when all the ldap server where consulted the
standard consulting of the "upper-level"-acl_users take place.

now my question:
is there a way to have plone working, and configure the plugins of its
acl_users such, that users of an upper-level acl_users are found without
consulting LDAP.

thanks for your help
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