On Jan 30, 2008, at 14:01 , Mark Phillips wrote:
I looked at the bug reports and found 2 that relate to this error:

The suggested solution is to upgrade
PluggableAuthService to version 1.5.2, which I did. I stopped zope,
removed PluggableAuthService v 1.4.2 from the Products directory,
installed the new PluggableAuthService v 1.5.2, and restarted zope.

However, no one can log in now. The remember members are still alive
and well, but entering the use name and password does nothing -
no error, no logged event, just return to the login page.

What else do I have to do to upgrade PluggableAuthService?

There are no additional steps.

In a case like this I would start by manually inspecting the user folder instance to make sure the plugin registrations are still correct. It may help to enable the verbose-security setting in zope.conf and remove "Unauthorized" from the swallowed exceptions in the error_log object in the ZMI, you may get tracebacks that point to the issue then. If that doesn't provide enough clues I would use the Python debugger to step through the login process.


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