On Jan 30, 2008, at 17:39 , Mark Phillips wrote:
I figured out where the plugins are - acl_users for my plone site, not
the root level acl_users, right?

Plone has the annoying habit of replacing the root user folder as well, so it might be helpful to look there as well.

I then removed Unauthorized from the swallowed exceptions, and added
verbose-security to zope.conf. I then tried to login, and no error

I am reading the "How to debug Plone" using pdb, but I don't know where
to start with a break point. I don't know the process for login in
plone/zope. Any tutorials on that? I couldn't find any.

I can't say much about Plone, but in many cases you can "follow the code" by looking at the source of that login page. From there you see where it posts to, and what code is invoked to check credentials, or which conditions must be met for the login page to be shown again, etc.

You may find more helpful answers by asking on a Plone-specific list, by the way.


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