On Sun, Mar 8, 2009 at 13:30, Dvir Bar-lev <dvi...@puresight.com> wrote:
> Now how do I assign a role to a user based on his password?

No, you assign a role to the user on the ZODB Role manager plugin.

> I get to the log in page that the cookie plugin gave me, now I enter a
> name and password and press the submit button, I now want to see if I
> have a user that was defined in the ZMI with the same name and password,

That is done by User Manager plugin already. You don't have to do
anything. If it wasn't done, you wouldn't be able to log in, see?

> and if there is how can I get what role he has and assign it to the user
> that entered the data in the log in form.

You don't assign roles on login time.

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