On 8/3/09 13:45 , Andreas Zeidler wrote:
> stefan of course already told me about you being somewhat reluctant
> regarding the patch, but since he's refactored it again in the meantime
> — resulting in a much smaller patch set[*] — i'd really like you to
> review it again and perhaps reconsider. afaik it's still not quite
> possible to do this exclusively in a plugin, but perhaps stefan should
> tell you about the details here...

I still see no reason this can't be done in a plugin, as long as you get 
the plugin ordering correctly. Until you can convince us that this 
really can't be a plugin the patch should not go in.

> in any case, the functionality is very useful in a lot of cases — most
> obviously for people doing support, but also for testing deployments
> like in this case.

I have no problem with the implementation, just the fact that this is 
not implemented as a normal plugin.

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