Hi all,

without too much hope for an helping hand as this list seems to be
very quiet but I try nevertheless. :-)

I succeeded in compiling pyperl on Fedora Core 2 [1]. After that I
tried running the test suite. 8 failing tests (after patching test.py
so that they get executed at all).

I'm down to 7 now (Python error messages seem to have changed since
2001, patched apply.py accordingly).

Now I am stuck after looking at eval.py. There is a problem that
output gets lost if a program is executed via os.popen and pyperl is
used. Attached is a very small testcase for that.

I am very interested in getting pyperl running again with newer
versions of Python (2.3+) and Perl (5.8+). Is there anyone on the list
that knows a bit more about C and pyperl who wants to help me with
that? Mentoring would be nice, too.

If it helps I can provide a new pyperl package with all patches I have
so far.

[1] I got only three warnings that _POSIX_C_SOURCE is being redefined.
That seems to be a conflict in /usr/include/sys/types.h and

#!/usr/bin/env python

import os
import sys

testfile = 'callee.py'
pipe = os.popen('"%s" "%s"' % (sys.executable, testfile))

while True:
    line = pipe.readline()
    if line == '':
        print line
#!/usr/bin/env python

import perl

print "Python"
result = perl.eval("""
    print "Perl\n";
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