Hello quiet list!

I ran across a post (on another list) from July in which
Felix (Schwartz) mentions some patches to the PyPerl distro
to squash the perl2.so import bug that appears after
compilation. I haven't been able to find this on
http://wiki.python.org/moin/PyPerl; this is where I
downloaded the original source and the latest version is in
fact the one I already have. Is there a patched version
somewhere that I am missing?

Getting PyPerl up and running - and being able to access a
significant body of both homegrown and cpan Perl modules -
is getting to be a critical thing for us if we are to
continue using Python in our organization. Because of a
heavy investment in Perl by another developmet group and a
subsequent reorganization of us Pythonistas into this Perl
camp, it will be very difficult to make the argument for
adopting Perl in any ongoing or new projects. This would
make me very sad!

Thanks in advance for any help that can be given. If I get
an updated distribution and am able to get it up and
running, I will certainly share any lessons learned &
tidbits with the community. It may be only because of my
unique situation, but I feel that this is a really critical
piece of code that should not be abandoned.


Tim Hoelscher

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