Hi Tim,

Tim Hoelscher wrote:
> I ran across a post (on another list) from July in which
> Felix (Schwartz) mentions some patches to the PyPerl distro
> to squash the perl2.so import bug that appears after
> compilation. I haven't been able to find this on
> http://wiki.python.org/moin/PyPerl; this is where I
> downloaded the original source and the latest version is in
> fact the one I already have. Is there a patched version
> somewhere that I am missing?

I have a (more or less) working version here with some additional
fixes I didn't published. Gisele Aas mailed me that he does not have
the time to maintain pyperl actively...

If there is interest in pyperl I could package my fixes so that it
will be easier to start with. As I'm busy with my masters thesis,
this would take 2-3 days.


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