Hi, Tim,
Just want to say u are doing a great job to the Python community.
I'm just too busy currently, I'll track this thread, and see what I
can do later, when I have free time slot.

There actually are people on this list; I'm kind of
surprised there isn't more activity, but such is life...

Just as a follow-up to my post a few weeks ago: Felix
Schwartz forwarded me his patched distro which he had gotten
to compile with recent versions of Perl and Python. I was
able to get this compiled with no problem and currently our
testers are putting it through its paces to see if it is
production-worthy. It is actually looking pretty good so
far. As I mentioned before, my group has been re-organized
and integrated with a Perl-centric group with a large body
of Perl code. Making a case for Python means being able to
use that Perl code, and it looks like this could actually

While I don't have the bandwidth to actively maintain this
code, I would be willing to try my hand at precompiling some
binaries for major versions of Perl and Python. As I
understand it, the compilation problems were the major
hurdle to this code becoming more widely-used. Would there
be interest in this? Maybe maintaining an up-to-date
Solaris/Linux/Windows binary for the latest ActiveState
releases or something like that?

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