Hi Mathew,

Mathew Yeates schrieb:
> I am trying to get pyperl compile on Windows with Active State Python
> 2.4. I am getting alot of warning messages. Have you ever used Python2.4?

Yes, I developed my patches with Python 2.4 but on Linux (Fedora

> I'm having some major problems compiling pyperl
> (http://www.felix-schwarz.name/files/opensource/pyperl/pyperl-dist-1.0.1c.tar.gz)
> with the microsoft compiler.

I think there are several possible problems:
1. Active Perl (I always used the standard Perl/Python distributions)
2. Windows (strange and different).
3. Microsoft Compiler (*shrug*)

I would recommend againt varying all three parameters at once. This
way it is much more difficult to find the causes. I don't even know if
the Microsoft Compiler is able to compile Perl/Python.

IMHO the best thing would be using Perl, Python from Active State on
Linux. If that works, try with Active State and GCC on Windows. And
only if that goes well, try the Microsoft Compiler. If you don't have
Linux, skip the Linux step - I don't think that Active P* is so much
different from the standard Python/Perl distributions.


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