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Felix Schwarz wrote:
> Hi Pedro,
> Pedro Algarvio, aka, s0undt3ch schrieb:
>> So far so good, the problem now comes while actually using pyperl. I
>> sucessfully rebuilded pyperl, ie no errors occurred, but:
>>  >>> import perl
>>  Traceback (most recent call last):
>>    File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?
>>  ImportError: /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/perl2.so: undefined
>> symbol: PL_sv_undef
> Can you extract a small example (testcase)?
> To be fair, I'm not sure if pyperl is ready for production use.
> I used it only in some very small scripts but success (or failure)
> stories are always welcomed. :-)

Hello again, about that small example(test case), well, I can't provide
such small snippet, but I found a resolution to my problem, don't
compile pyperl with MULTI_PERL ;)

About the stories, well, I have one which might become quite a big one,
and might even prove if PyPerl is production usable or not, I'm hoping
that it does.

"ISPMan is a distributed system to manage components of ISP from a
central management interface" written in perl.

Although, I'm not an ISP, I'm using it to manage my server.
It manages mail/apache/bind/ftp, etc from one centralised admin web UI.

Although that Admin UI is complete and fully working, it's too much to
give access to a normal(hosted) user.

ISPMan used to have a Customer Control Panel, but over time it got
unmaintained, and by that, also unmaintainable.

And here is where my story begins.

My perl expertise is almost null, but not completely null because I've
added some extra functionality to ISPMan, cyrus virtual domains feature
support, and unfortunately to perl lovers, my perl opinion is still the
same, I hate it.

On the other hand, I love Python, and so, I decided to try to build that
needed customer front end to ISPMan.

I'm the developer of ISPManCCP, a/the python customer control panel for

You notice now why I need to use PyPerl.

So far, I've been successful while using it, the only problem that
occurred was when trying to use PyPerl with MULTI_PERL.

Both codes are available on net:
ISPMan    - http://ispman.cvs.sourceforge.net/ispman/
ISPManCCP - http://ccp.ufsoft.org/browser

That way you can look at how I'm using PyPerl, and also point me to some
 bad usage of if ;)

Best Regards,
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Pedro Algarvio
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