Bem, eu li essa mensagem hoje na lista do Zope:

These allow you to use the full power of the the python email package
along with Zope's Page Template technology to easily build and send
fully standards compliant emails.

The key feaures are:

- Use familiar ZPT syntax to generate both plain text and html email

- Easily create multi-part messages including the attachment of files

- Flexible and powerful ways to specify addresses and headers for email
  to be sent

- Full access to Python's email package from restricted python code such
  as python scripts

- Fully integrated with CMF-based products by way of Filesystem-based

This is the first public release of MailTemplates following several
months of testing and development.

For more information, please see:



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2005/10/10, Leonardo Borille de Queiroz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Pessoal,
> Queria enviar email HTML com o Plone, lendo a documentação do MailHost,
> encontrei o metodo sendTemplate, pesquisei sobre esse metodo, mas não
> encontrei nenhum exemplo. Alguém já utilizou? ou alguém sabe alguma forma de
> enviar email HTML mais eficiente.
> Por favor me resposndam =]
> []'s
> Leonardo Borille de Queiroz – [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Programador
> Intranet Portal -

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Para desistir envie uma mensagem em branco para: [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
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