Bem, rolou uma discusão semelhante na lista de plone. E estes dois 
ultimos posts são bem interessantes, apesar de eu concordar com o segundo.


Shane Graber wrote:

> That being said, as an end user of Plone I find it disheartening that
> a customer would want to remove that information as they get this
> awesome CMS for free and aren't willing to give a tiny advertisement
> back to the Plone community.  I'd at least push to keep the Powered by
> Plone button on the site somewhere or text in the footer saying
> 'Powered by Plone' with a hyperlink back to

That is a general misconception. Customers don't get Plone for free.

Usually they pay a consulting company for development of their site.
That company then gives back to the Plone comunity, by releasing the
products/documentation/ideas etc.

Customers might not pay a company called Plone, but shurely they pay
back the community.

I think this is even more true for Plone than for many other open source


hilsen/regards Max M, Denmark


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