On 6/6/06, robsonvirino <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Então, a solução seria adiantar a data novamente e dar um pack? E
> depois voltar a data de hoje...

Ficar indo e voltando para o futuro não vai resolver.

> Vou ter sempre que fazer isso para dar um pack? ;) Esse caso tem
> jeito, amigo?

Agora há pouco na lista zope@zope.org teve uma mensagem totalmente
relevante para o seu caso:

> Deep in the mists of time I guess that the server's time was wrongly set
> for a short period leading to 4 transactions in the database having a
> later time stamp than subsequent transactions.  This caused no problems
> in operation apart from an inability to pack and a failure in ZCatalog.
> As a trial I patched the errant transactions' tid to bring them back
> into the correct range and everything now appears to be in order, I have
> successfully packed and cataloged the db.
> Can anyone see any reason why I should not continue to run like this or
> is there a possibility that I have introduced a corruption which will
> come back to bite me......?

You might try running the 'migrate.py' script on the original Data.fs
and see if its fixups are equivalent.  Also, try running the various
diagnostic scripts against your hand-patched version ('fstest.py',
'fsrefs.py', etc.)

A resposta foi dada pelo Tres, que é um dos caras que mais manja de
Zope no mundo.

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