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From: Fabio Tranchitella <fa...@tranchitella.it>
Date: 2009/5/11
Subject: Python/Zope programmer
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`DM GROUP KFT. <http://www.dmgroup.hu>`__ (Hungary, Italy)

**Job Description**:

We are looking for talented Python programmers to join our team, based in
Pecs and Budapest (Hungary) with a satellite office in Turin (Italy). You
will be able to work from home, planning your time based on your schedule
and goals. You will work on the development of a free (as in speech) CRM
and marketing platform built on the Zope Toolkit (aka Zope 3).

**About you**:

 * Willing to work in a young start-up;
 * You love finding efficient solutions to challenging problems;
 * You have a lot to teach and a lot to learn;
 * One of your goals is to learn something new each day;
 * You prefer quality over quantity;
 * You love to get things done;
 * You like working in team and having strong responsibilities.


 * Strong background in Python and web application development;
 * Excellent knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Prototype);
 * Experience in database design, performance tuning, SQL;
 * Good knowledge of PostgreSQL;
 * Deep knowledge of Linux, with a focus on performance monitoring and tuning;
 * Unit Testing and Functional Testing shouldn't be alien to you;
 * Strong communication / collaboration / problem solving skills;
 * Willing to travel for real-life meetings and conferences.;
 * A resume in a non-proprietary format.


 * Knowledge of the Zope Toolkit (aka Zope 3);
 * Contributions to open source projects.

**Contact**: Fabio Tranchitella <kob...@debian.org>

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