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R. David Murray wrote:
I'm no longer actively involved in zope3 development.  I'd like to get
off this mailing list.  However, when I go to the collector monitor
list I'm not listed as a subscriber.  Can you figure out why I'm
getting these and get my name deleted?  Thanks.

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Subject: [Z3d] 420/ 1 Request "Nested metal:use-macro ignored if parent has
    value "default""

Issue #420 Update (Request) "Nested metal:use-macro ignored if parent has value 
 Status Pending, core/bug medium
To followup, visit:

= Request - Entry #1 by nucleus on Jun 27, 2005 2:59 pm

If a 'metal:use-macro' is nested in another 'metal:use-macro' and the value of the outer 
'metal:use-macro' is "default" the inner 'metal:use-macro' will be ignored.

An example:

<div metal:use-macro="default">
  <div metal:use-macro="x">
    This is not macro x.

The example above should raise a KeyError exception as in the following case:

<div tal:content="default">
  <div metal:use-macro="x">

Use case for this nesting technique: I could simply nest 'metal:use-macros' and 
"customize" only parts of a page that I want.

Illustrative example:

  <head metal:use-macro="macros/head|default">
    <title tal:content="title">A minimal page</title>
  <body metal:use-macro="macros/body|default">
    <div metal:use-macro="header|default">
      Site header
    <div metal:use-macro="macros/content|default">
      Default content.
    <div metal:use-macro="macros/footer|default">

And from a script:

page = some_page_object()
page.title = 'Foo'
return page.render()

(Instead of writing "macros/name|default" in the template I could also use a 'Default' 
instance instead of a real macro for the value and simply write "macros/name")


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