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On Thursday 19 January 2006 14:40, Carlos de la Guardia wrote:

We could also compile automatically some news items, Releases and
announcements and call them the newsletter.

i would think planetzope.org fits this description nicely

planetzope.org is indeed a good start. Luckily Michael Haubenwallner of planetzope is a datamunger, and is working on involving other sources of news, such as zope related del.icio.us links.

Michael, what do you think?

To answer this (and what Tonico mentioned in his posting) i'm using del.icio.us as a cheap way for collecting data and organizing content from which a zope.org newsletter can be written.

I think watchword for anything we do for zope.org is that we can't accomplish it unless it requires the minimum of work to get done. Perhaps what we'll end up with is not a newsletter, but if it's useful, we should put it on zope.org.

Writing text is cheap. Mining existing links is cheap. Reusing existing data and text is cheap.


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