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Andrew Sawyers wrote:
I asked this in IRC, but don't think I got an answer:  Should I work on
setting up something on one of the current zope.org app servers or do we
have another place where this work will be done.  I started something
awhile back when Sidnei and I got into a conversation about zope.org
salvation and didn't comeplete it.  I can work with Mark at Zope Corp
for us to hace something to show...  I don't care about writing text as
the rest of the group.....

If there's no plan, I'll see if Mark can help with enabling us to get
some progress to that end.

While we definitely need to change zope.org eventually and it's great you have the interest and the access to set stuff up on it, I think we should focus first on structure, text and presentation, then worry about the technology. For now, I'd like to stick with a bunch of restructured text files that, if we want to see it in some presentation, can convert with some scripts. Once we actually know what we want to host on zope.org in more detail, we can start wondering about what the technical infrastructure should be.


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