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Hi there,

In order to get some sense of progress, here I'l list a status report of what we've been up to. Most importantly I will list some stuff we need to do. Since I've been busy I'm probably out of the loop on some stuff, so please post your bits in this thread.


* are we going to do a newsletter or not? I worry about having it be up to date, but if we get some volunteers I'm not against it. If this turns out to be hard, then we'd better focus on the website, not a newsletter, as this gives us far more marketing pay-off. ( is currently anti-marketing zope)

I'm preparing to run a zope newsletter from the site. If needed it could be (re)integrated with the new zopeweb at any time.


* we need start collecting Zope 3 documentation we can put online. We need to mine what's there online right now, approach the creators with a proposal for a new home (we could even have a mockup of it all in the grand new design, see next point), and process the documents so we can
include it.

I have created to collect bookmarks of
zope3 docs, tutorials and packages/applications.

I'd like to share that account with interested persons
(contact: [EMAIL PROTECTED])

It's been very quiet on this list lately, and we need more noise. :)

I'm almost always on ;)



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