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I think we can have these kind of documentation:


- Zope 3 Tutorial
- Zope 2 Tutorial (Using Five and so lead the user towards Zope3)
- What's new in {Zope2|3|CMF|Five} releases
- ZopeBook (Zope 2)
- ZDG (Zope 2)

Do we really want to add to the confusion by throwing in old Zope 2 documentation, that still refers to Zope 2.6 and has one gazillion very confusing in-line text comments?

If the idea is to deliver the message that Zope 3 is great, clutting the message with Zope 2 cruft (not the same as if we have some really great zope 2 documentation, but what's there has rotted quite a bit) is not likely to help. Maybe we can (and should) get there too, but let's not bite off more than we can chew the first iteration. The *worst* thing we can do is launch a new site that has all the old sites' problems. :)

- z3 static API docs
- Zope3Book

In addition to this, a wiki can also be included.

I think a wiki is the antithesis to well-organised, well-delivered documentation. :) Wikis require significant gardening at the very least. I certainly wouldn't rely on a wiki as the main vehicle of delivery.

Zope 3 Tutorial

This will be the official tutorial for Zope3, like Python's or Django's
Tutorials. A trimmed down version of 'MessageBoard' application
can be used in this tutorial. This will help the user when reading Zope3Book.
This tutorial can be updated with every major releases.


An FAQ like:


  Tutorials covering special topics

Not sure if it's relevant, but the PloneHelpCenter that runs http://plone.org/documentation is of course open source. :)



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