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 zope web status report 2006-02-06

Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Do we really want to add to the confusion by throwing in old Zope 2
> documentation, that still refers to Zope 2.6 and has one gazillion very
> confusing in-line text comments?

Thats why i set the preliminary structure of the documentation section to::


  Base Zope documentation:

  - What's new in {Zope2|3|CMF|Five} releases
  - ZopeBook
  - ZDG
  - z3 static API docs
  - Zope3Book

  Extended Zope documentation:

  - Article DB (tags/keywords)
  - (Historical Docs)


It is all about (re)using existing documentation and create an 'article-db' for the new ones.

Second, i'd ask you to contribute a listing of documents (content) that should be included with the article-db (this is more productive than complaining about 'ZopeBook cruft').

> Not sure if it's relevant, but the PloneHelpCenter that runs
> is of course open source. :)

This requires plone, which is no option atm.


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