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Hi Martijn,

* are we going to target Zope 3 only with this site, or Zope 2 as well? I wrote text to cover both, as Zope 2 is currently the breadwinner of most of us. I think we can get enthusiasm more easily for Zope 3 however; nobody is going to write Zope 2 tutorials. What do we do?

I will not touch, but I would be willing to do some serious work on a new site.

There is so much content on Zope org, and I actually think that it presents Zope 2 reasonably well. So changing it will not be worth the effort. The broken links and lost content will probably be a net loss.

Presenting Zope 3 on a new site on the other hand would give a lot of bang for the buck.

* does anyone know a good web designer who can design a solid looking, serious, but still exciting website for zope?

Though my own site doesn't really reflect it ;-) I am actually capable of doing pretty solid layouts, and I would be willing to do a prototype. I have +10 years experience in advertising. I could host the prototype for development on until it gets aproval.

I am also doing screencasts on a regular basis for customers, and have a solid setup for that. Like pro audio gear etc. I would be willing to do those presentations. Btw. "Macromedia Captivate" is a great tool for the job.

One obvious question though. Shouldn't this be a "dogfood" project. It would have some sense to let the site be hosted in Zope Cubed itself.


hilsen/regards Max M, Denmark
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