baiju m wrote:

    How to run a webstie using these ReST files ?

I think and are running using ReST and Zope 3.
Are we planning to use any of these?

Some thoughts on what you could do localy with the SVN checkout ::

  - just run the files through ''
   (included with your docutils distribution)
    to look at the files in a browser
  - invest one hour and write a reST publisher to put some
    decorations on top and bottom of the pages
    (this runs in z3, simply using the ressourceDirector directive)
  - reuse the packages the codespeak site is created from:

Worldcookery has the 'Page' content type which renders text, reST and STX to html, i added a HTML pass-through renderer and could provide a checkout of a stand-alone 'page' package.



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