baiju m wrote:

    I just started working on an example app for Zope 3

Hi, great work. Sorry, i missed you several times in IRC.

Please let me know whare I can commit this code.

Let me check in this to:


Please check it in at that location

Temporarily I have put it here:

Actually I want to keep 1 version for each part of tutorial
(i.e, in downloadable format)
So, create three branches for tutorial example ?
or just put tar balls seperately.

How do we manage content which is not required any version controlling
in new site like the above one (tar balls and other companion
materials like videos). All these dump to svn?

I wish someone from could comment on this.

I'd just store it off the repository for the moment and create a document (like 'static.txt') with an annotated list of links to the offsite material.

Baiju M

See you, Michael


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