Geoff is offering to help on the existing site. That's an urgent need, from all the (ahem) constructive responses I've seen to his note. The more he helps on the current site, the less pressure you'll have on the "start-from-scratch" plan.

I've seen the point made in this thread about choosing Plone and no Plone people helping. Here's the reason I went from very active to inactive:

I never got a response to that note. Actually, I did get a one word private response from the ZC CFO: "Understood". Perhaps things changed, but like others, I got the message about the value of my contributions.

Plone pre-1.0 might be part of the problem.  But the bigger problem is
the red tape and attitude., OTOH, has over a hundred how-to's, over 20 long tutorials, good doc organization, active system administration, great performance, and around 4 active *documentation-only* reviewers. Even atop that "awful" Plone software. :^) is dead. is quite alive. What's the difference in these two?

For what ever reason, gives off a distinct "you're not wanted here" vibe, especially if you're a Plone person.


Andrew Sawyers wrote:
Daily several of us (Michael, Martijn F, Phillip V, and a couple others)
utilize #zope-web to try and further work that has been going on for
awhile to get a suitable rolled out and upgraded that the
community can be proud of.  There are people working on docs, marketing
data, newsletters, layout/design upgrades and more.  Please participate
in the existing drive, not start a new one.  :)

I'd love to see ya drop by.  There's no secret that the current site
needs fixing; lets pool the collective interest and get it finished

Andrew Sawyers

On Fri, 2006-02-24 at 12:09 -0500, Geoff Davis wrote:
Hi all--

I think the idea of a Zope 3 web site rewrite is a great one.  However,
since Zope 2 is going to continue to be around for awhile, I am wondering
if we might be able to shore up the Zope 2 resources in a reasonable way?

Migrating all the community content sounds like a herculean task; I'm
talking about doing something with rather narrower scope.  Here is what I

* Create a new (or for Zope 2 that is focused on 2
  1) Distribution of Zope 2 and related add-ons
  2) Documentation

* Maintain all the old community content in the current instance and bind
the two together using URL rewriting.

The Plone community has developed a couple of products for distributing
software (PloneSoftwareCenter) and for maintaining documentation
(PloneHelpCenter).  You can see these in action at and ,

I know that gets a lot of traffic; we also have a product for
making Plone play nicely with Squid.

I think that people in the Plone community would be willing to help out
with getting such a site set up.  The bigger task would be moving
community content to the new setup.

Is there any interest?


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