The navigation is an unordered list. The dropdowns functionality comes from CSS, execpt for a small IE hack because IE doesnt support onhover yet. I beleive IE 7 will. So basically, text based browsers will get and unordered list, everything else will get the fancy css dropdown. The only issue is IE (6) with javascript turned off. If thats the case though I'd imagine you wouldn't be able to use about 90% of websites today.

I've intentionally kept the html clean so that without the stylesheet it will render in a nice readable fashion. I read slashdot on my phone all the time, so good html is important to me.

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But do we need menus, It doesn't hurt usability though, IMO.

It is important that in every menu, the main item should be clickable
and go to a page where you can select all of the subitems, in case you
are on a browser that desn't support JS, or sucks. If this is true,
then menus are acceptable.

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