Tom Von Lahndorff wrote:
- What about the login + navbars ?

Will add login as well. Not sure what you mean about "navbars"? The navigation is up top, the black bar.

I meant the bar holding the object, folder, user, workflow and global actions, currently displayed in a horizontal bar under the header/banner block. You can't use (plone) without the actions.

- This is just the frontpage, is there a template for the next level ?

I was thinking every page would have this basic layout. I would think a lot of traffic would come from search results and send people to sub-page, so it would be good to have the right column pretty much the same on all pages. Having said that, I'll mock up a few sub pages.

See, you've got a first page, with one column and a sidebar floated to the right. Is the level2 template going to have the same sidebar all over, is it a one-column layout, how about styles for headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, tables, inputs, ... ?



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