Tom Von Lahndorff wrote:

03/22/06. Updated the homepage. Added the Zope 3 box. Created a download page. Click on "Download Zope" under "Download" in the nav.

Thanks for all of the comments. Keep 'em coming. A couple of people had mentioned the background was a bit dark so I've lightened it. It seems though that people are pretty happy with the general look and feel of the layout. I'd like to start drilling down into content at this point and this where I'll really need people's feedback, especially editorially. I want to try and keep the content simple and not make the assumption that visitors know what Zope is and what it does.

I was also thinking that there should be a discussion board on the site like Apple's support boards. Many of the support questions answered on Apple's boards are from other customers. It's a nice one stop shop for questions and answers for those who may not want to subscribe to mailing list. It would be nice to have that option.

I'm -1 to almost all you say in this post, but i will stay quiet for a week and wait for others feedback.

We have got #zope-web in IRC to discuss open questions.



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