- On my System (ubuntu dapper) there is neither Arial nor Helvetica
  available in Firefox, thus the fonts look ugly (see screenshot[1]).

  Could you please add sans-serif at the end of the font list, or
  insert "Bitstream Vera Sans" for GNOME users?

Will do. I have Ubuntu at home as well, just hadn't looked at it yet. The screenshot actually doesn't look *that* bad. :)

- The Zope logo is sized to 149 * 60 px while the real image size is
  150 * 60 px. This causes a little distortion in the Z of the logo
  (see screenshot[1]).

Will fix. Hadn't noticed that. Thanks for the heads up.

- The label of the form fields shouldn't be in the value of the inputs.
  This is bad bad practice IMHO.

There's a simple script to clear the field onFocus. Does it not work for you? I'm using it to conserve space.

- I think fly out menus on Web pages just don't Feel Good (not to
  mention the debatable usability problems they might introduce[2]).

See Mike D.'s comments on that article which pretty much sums up my rationale and implementation.

- I'm not sure what the the leaves in the header want to communicate.
If they are just decoration they should be replaced by something more
  abstract, I think.

Zope Zen. When I started using Zope about 6 years ago the term was used a bit and I thought it was very appropriate. It described well the Eureka moments when you realize Zope's smartness and elegance. There's something organic that I find about Zope as well, like working with it just feels natural. The photo was one I took and I think it's just nice and peaceful. I wanted to convey that feeling rather than some overbloated M$ or AOL marketing blitz madness like a bunch of people gathered around a Dell with wine glasses laughing and the tagline "makes your life 20x more fun!" or something too abstract and cryptic that makes people think "what the f is this product?".

[1] Screenshot:

[2] Article about "Usability and Fly-Out Menus":
<http://www.7nights.com/asterisk/archive/2004/03/usability-and- flyout-menus>

Thanks for the work!


Tom Von Lahndorff schrieb:
03/22/06. Updated the homepage. Added the Zope 3 box. Created a download page. Click on "Download Zope" under "Download" in the nav. Thanks for all of the comments. Keep 'em coming. A couple of people had mentioned the background was a bit dark so I've lightened it. It seems though that people are pretty happy with the general look and feel of the layout. I'd like to start drilling down into content at this point and this where I'll really need people's feedback, especially editorially. I want to try and keep the content simple and not make the assumption that visitors know what Zope is and what it does. I was also thinking that there should be a discussion board on the site like Apple's support boards. Many of the support questions answered on Apple's boards are from other customers. It's a nice one stop shop for questions and answers for those who may not want to subscribe to mailing list. It would be nice to have that option.
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