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Its not. Its a lot easier to find answers to my questions though at the Apple's support discussion boards, when I have an Apple issue, rather than searching Google because I'm searching through very specific content, not the web in general and therefore get more accurate results and a faster resolution.

Hmmm, well, in the case of Zope, I honestly think you get better results if you _do_ use Google because you're not only limiting your search to, which isn't usually the best source for information...

Why should it be on

Um, because it's useful information about Zope, which is sort of what is about?

Well, I don't know if that _is_ what is about anymore. It's been so poor for so long that people have found or created other resources and those aren't going to go away even if did suddenly become magically better ;-)

"The Web Site for the Zope Community" (...who are currently discussing Zope at various other places on the web). Thanks for visiting. :)

Well, point taken, but I really think should be a gateway to those existing resources. If, at a later stage, those resources want to migrate back to, then great, but until then, lets leave them be...



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