Chris Withers wrote:
Tom Von Lahndorff wrote:

> Damn. This really is very good. Would there be any problem with just
> replacing the main_template and Products page on Zope.rog with this design?
I already proposed to setup his design as an alternative skin in for *testing* with the current content to Tom - he did not comment on that.

Sounds good to me, what do I need to do? I'm happy to edit/create ZPT as necessary.

I think Michael already answered this below ;-)

Nevertheless, even if we could use it as suggested, we'd need to make some changes (right column should be removed or replaced on non-Frontpage pages), styles should be defined along the current stylesheet, ...

The tying in with existing styles will likely be the suckiest part. If you manage that, I think we all owe you beer! *grinz*

Do you have the access rights you need to create a new skin?

Almost all work is adjusting the stylesheets...
I'd suggest we meet in IRC (#zope-web) and discuss next steps needed.



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