I read almost all the archives about ASP404
but I can't find something useful to me to lead me to my goal !
and also there is no perfect article about using IIS as
a web server in plone site
I 'll be so glad if somebody help me
 how can I work with
http://www.zope.org/Members/hiperlogica/ASP404   ?
I want to have more than one website based on plone
I created  two folder in my root zope for each domain and
inside folders  put plone sites and download ASP404
and set error404 to default.asp  , in default.asp  file ::
I set
zopeAddress =

zopePath = "/ "    <<  I don't understand what folder !!!

and exactly what settings should be done in virtual hosting?

finally .. I don't know how work with asp404! 

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