On 8/22/06, Martijn Faassen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hi there,

It's nearing september, and I'd like to start some work on zope.org, in
particular www.zope.org/foundation. I'm looking for volunteers to help.

As you all probably know, we have a Zope Foundation, of which I'm a
board member (representative for the committer members). Aroldo
Souza-Leite is also on the board as chairman.

Well, as already mentioned, I'd love to help. That said I'm not sure I
have much i can do on this particular task, but maybe. :)

I propose letting www.zope.org/foundation point to a Apache directory,
where we maintain HTML files. We will then generate such HTML files from
restructured text we maintain in the zope SVN repository, using a simple
script that drives docutils.

I'm torn between on one hand, the sillyness of not using Zope + what I
think is a bit tricky from a maintaining point of view and on the
other hand, the benefit of having things versioned.

I have worked with the codespeak stuff, and I can't really say I like
it, although it makes sense when it comes to code, with the automatic
tarball generation form release tags and all that.

In the end, what I care most about it that things happen now. So if
this is faster than setting up a plone/cps/silva site, then by all
means, go ahead.

There's one alternative to this approach that will also work on the
short term: a volunteer that's willing to work with zope.org and
integrate the layout and text and structure we want into existing
zope.org infrastructure. If someone volunteers to work on this, I'd be
happy to do it that way as well. Does anyone volunteer?

No. :-)

However, integrating that layout into something that can be used
primarily on Plone (or CPS. Or maybe both, with CPSSkins) usable for
any *.zope.org microsites seems to be to be a worthwhile task.

I hope we can all have this together in a couple of weeks,

Weeks? Wasn't it working yesterday? :-)

On 8/22/06, Andrew Sawyers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
What's up with zopefoundation.org - especially since it's changed since I
looked at it yesterday?  :P)

Yeah, I second that question. :^) It seems to me that the fastest way
of doing this is doing what was done yesterday, and redirecting
www.zope.org/foundation there.

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