Tom Von Lahndorff wrote:

Looks like the first design is the preferred one.

Okay, let's stick with design 1 then, it appears we got a consensus about this from looking at the thread.

Maybe I just liked the second because it was the most recent. You're points below are all good. I'll try to work them all into a couple of new versions and set up some sub pages as well. As far as the content in the main area I haven't really though too much about, just the general page layout really, so I'm open to any suggestions.

Ill tweak the nav as well. I have to use this IE hack to get it working so I may drop fly outs all together just to be able to avoid the hack. If we go with main nav items on top and sub navs on the left we wouldnt really need the flyouts anyway.

If we can get rid of the drop-down menus to try a sidebar navigation and we can avoid a hack that way as well, then that sounds good. :)


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