Martijn Faassen wrote:
I propose we use Tom Von Lahndorff's design for the foundation website. For the purposes of the foundation site we should strip it down:


* possibly no drop-down menus at the top. We could simply have links there, or possibly a standard left-hand side navigation. This design is the top page; we need to see a sub-page design as well.

I like the dropdowns ;-)

I propose letting point to a Apache directory, where we maintain HTML files. We will then generate such HTML files from restructured text we maintain in the zope SVN repository, using a simple script that drives docutils.


There's one alternative to this approach that will also work on the short term: a volunteer that's willing to work with and integrate the layout and text and structure we want into existing infrastructure. If someone volunteers to work on this, I'd be happy to do it that way as well. Does anyone volunteer?


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